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Dark Horse Farms offers top quality management, training and marketing of competitive show horses. Our customized program focuses on the development and sales of show jumpers and derby hunters from young prospects to proven veterans.
ABOUT OUR PROGRAM - At Dark Horse Farms the health and well being of our horses is our top priority. Our team goes to great lengths to make sure each horse's individual needs are met on a daily basis. We maintain a private and personal atmosphere with attention to detail, while focusing on our goal oriented training program. We love working with knowledgeable caring owners who enjoy the horses and the sport as much as we do. We always encourage owners to be an integral part of our team by being involved in the planning and decision making process, attending training sessions and joining us at competitions.


Dark Horse Farms' comprehensive full service development program is geared towards the competitive athlete and is individually tailored to each horse. Our program is based on good horsemanship, ethical fundamentals, a strong foundation and most of all a deep respect for our equine partners. Each horse under the care and management of Dark Horse Farms has a customized program designed specifically to the horses needs and training level.

DHF owner/rider Lisa Ciesniewski is known for her ability to catch ride all types of horses. Lisa is happy to extend her riding services to horses that are not part of the Dark Horse Program. Training and competition catch rides are arranged based on each horses individual needs and our competition schedule.

This service is exclusively for horses that are for sale. The program consists of marketing and promotion for consignment horses including the creation and distribution of sales media, scheduling and trials. Please see our consignment page for more details.

Contact us for info about our development and training programs... discounts given for horses bred in the USA and to owners of multiple horses. or 805.441.1122
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