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Carousel, a private cloud based equine sales platform developed by Lisa Ciesniewski, a long time industry professional and owner of Dark Horse Farms, saves valuable time and energy in the process of buying and selling quality hunter, jumper, equitation horses and ponies.

Here is how it works!

Equines and Requests for Equines are entered into Carousel.
This can be easily done using any or all of the following popular methods:

  • Login to - You can access your private password protected account to enter and manage your horses and requests. Just let me know if you would like to access your account online and I will email you your account login info.
  • Email me lists or information on your horses and requests to
  • Facebook message me at or
  • Text or Call me at 805-441-1122

Carousel matches available Equines with requests.
Available equines are matched with active requests based on the detailed characteristics and abilities of each horse with the specifications of each request.

Seller is notified of potential matches and allowed to pre approve the buyer/lessee.
When a match is found the seller/lessor of the horse or pony is contacted and allowed to approve the potential buyer/lessee. They are contacted by their preferred method of communication and given the details of the request including who is requesting the equine. This step insures that the seller/lessor has control over who is receiving information about their equines.

Buyer/Lessee is notified about the possible match to their request.
If the seller/lessor approves the match the buyer/lessee is then notified about the possible match and provided with the details about the horse or pony.

Buyer/Lessee requests additional info or schedules a trial.
When a buyer is interested in an equine they can schedule a trial or request to be put in contact with the seller.  

Optional services.
At this point in the sales process it is up to either party as to how involved Lisa Ciesniewski and Dark Horse Farms is in a particular deal. We are available to help schedule trials, organize documentation, negotiate, etc. and to assist in all aspect of the sale. However you are not obligated to use any part of the optional services offered. We understand that you might have a system of buying and selling that works for you and don't want to change that! Our main priority is to provide the match of equine and buyer.

Cost or fees
There is NO cost to have your equines or requests in Carousel. When a match becomes a sale or lease a 5% service fee (min of $1k for deals under $20k) is charged on top of what the seller receives, unless the seller has already agreed to pay the service fee, at which time no money is added on top.

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