An Equine Marketing & Management Company
Dark Horse Farms specializes in the sales of hunters, jumpers and equitation horses and ponies.

We offer a variety of sales services to our clients. Working with select trainers and clientele we locate horses they are looking for and find good homes for the horses they have available. We are always working hard to find the best matches of horse and rider.

Since her years catch riding as a junior, Lisa Ciesniewski has been involved in the development, sales and promotion of quality horses. Out of a need to maintain the detailed characteristics of numerous horses, while understanding the complexities and privacy of buying and selling in the industry, Lisa designed Carousel, a private cloud based equine sales platform. The platform enables Lisa to match available equines with requests from trainers and clientele. When a potential match is found the seller is contacted allowing them to pre-approve the possible buyer. Once approved the buyer is notified about the match. Buyers can then request additional information, trials or seller contact information on the equines they are interested in. (See HOW CAROUSEL WORKS)

Once buyers and sellers are connected with each other, Lisa and our team at Dark Horse Farms are available to assist in all aspects of the sales process from communications and scheduling to negotiations and contracts.

If you have quality horses or ponies available for sale or lease please feel free to let us know about them as we are always looking at new mounts for our clients. All information regarding horses, requests and matches is kept strictly confidential.


If you would like additional info about becoming a Carousel member please contact us at 805.441.1122 or

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